ICS update

2011 was an interesting year for ICS: despite the obvious challenges with funding for many of our clients and the perception of a ‘flat economy’, our experience was far more encouraging, with commissions on a diverse range of new developments with a number of developers re-entering the market. It was also a year of change with new legislation affecting the drainage industry. ICS has been tracking these changes to monitor how they will affect future developments. We can advise clients on the implications, but to do this effectively, it is best that they contact us early in the design process.

Stormy weather ahead?

Flood & Water Management Act 2010 April 2011 saw the introduction of new government legislation to address the problems arising from the flooding events of 2007. When in force, the act will have a wide-ranging and fundamental effect on the planning process. It will require every planning application for development to have a supporting drainage statement detailing the proposed drainage strategy, irrespective of its size or location in relation to the flood plain. For more information download our information sheet.

You’re in safe hands

Here at ICS we’ve recently amended our insurance policies to ensure we offer our clients the peace of mind they require with £5 million Professional Indemnity and £2 million Public and Employer’s Indemnity.

Helping charities

It has always been the intention of Infrastruct CS Ltd to support charities and we’re delighted to announce our recent collaboration with the Blue Cross in Burford and the Save the Children. We will be offering our continued professional and financial support to these organisations throughout 2012. Site layouts to be governed by drainage? Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition In October 2011 the government transferred private sewers into the ownership of the Water Authorities. Adoption criteria has changed meaning that new foul drainage serving more than 2 units can be offered for adoption.

Good news we hear you cry?

Perhaps it is, but there are significant implications in terms of cost and proposed site layouts which will impact on developers, planners, contractors and architects alike. If you want further information download our fact sheet or contact us. Get in touch For any advice on proposed developments or existing issues please contact us for informal advice or a quote on 01865 861672 or via email at info@infrastructcs.co.uk