What is it?

On 1st October 2011 the majority of private sewers were transferred into the ownership of the sewerage authorities. The amendment to the Water Industry Act that enabled this transfer, went through parliament earlier that year. Ownership of all sewers serving two or more properties has now been transferred automatically to the water authorities, unless a specific objections lodged. The legislation aims to simplify maintenance, provide common standards for drainage and enable flood risk to be reduced by facilitating an integrated management of an all-inclusive drainage network. Currently complications can occur where drainage systems are served by private pumping stations and these are currently excluded from the transfer until the target date of 2016 for their adoption.

What does it mean for developers?

In order to prevent the creation of new private sewers and drains, developers will be required to enter into Section 104 Agreements for all private drainage. This requirement for adoption will be implemented under the guidance of the new Sewers For Adoption 7th edition (this is fully discussed on our separate fact sheet). At the time of writing Sewers for Adoption been delayed and its introduction is anticipated in April 2012. Existing drainage systems running within development sites also need to be more carefully considered within the new planning layouts.

Need more information?

If you have any queries as to whether this Act will affect your development or need additional advice, then please don’t hesitate to speak to us here at Infrastruct CS Ltd. Get in touch via email at info@infrastructcs.co.uk or contact us on 01865 861672.